From June 2021 for all new Appointments.

In order to maintain equitable social access to families that need support in Mental Health, an analysis of the socioeconomic background of each case will be carried out, with discounts ranging between 10 and 50% on the list price shown below.

Online Counselling, via Zoom, Skype, Video-call or Therapeutic Writing

Adolescents, Adults and Elderly. 1.30 hr /session. 


Assessments in Neurodevelopment (Children)

Assessments (usualy, 2 to 4 sessions)


Children Neuro-Cognitive Rehabilitation & Support in Learning Difficulties

Monthly price considering 2xweek - 1,5 hour per session


Psychotherapy for Adolescents 

Session Young People (from 14 until 18 years old)

40€ / session or 150€ / month (4 sessions)

Psychotherapy for Adults

Session for Adults or Elderly  

50€ / session or 180€ / month (4 sessions)

Psychotherapy for Health Care Professionals

Session for Health Care Professionals

50€ / session or 180€ / month (4 sessions)

Psychotherapy for Couples and Families

Session for Couples and Sessions for Families

60€ / session or 230€ / month (4 sessions)

Obesity Treatment

Individuals, Couples or Families


Intervention in Alcoholic Substance Abuse

Individuals, Couples ou Families


Neurocognitive Assessments, Adults and Elderly 

Assessments (usually, 2 sessions)


Cognitive Therapy in Dementia,  Neurological / Vascular Diseases

Monthy price considering 2 x week - 1,5 hora / session

€150 / month 

HomeCare for Dependents due to Illness or Physical Disability 

Price under request

Occupational Therapy for Adults with Psychotic Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression 

Monthly price considering 2 x week - 1,5 hour / session

170€/ month


For patients and/or families

50€ / session or 180€ / month (4 sessions)

Psychological Support in Palliative Care Patients

For patients and/or families

60€ / session or 230€ / month (4 sessions)

Grief Support Therapy

For individuals and/or families

50€ / session or 180€ / month (4 session)

Terms and Conditions

The consultation / punctual session previously scheduled with an uncheck in a period less than 24 hours before its completion, is subject to payment in the amount of 50% of the same. 

Consultations with monthly payments that have been canceled by the patient have no refund. 

It is possible to request the rescheduling of an appointment/session up to 24 hours before the agreed date for the same, with the new appointment depending on the availability of the agenda. 

Partnerships and Sponsorships