Wellness &              Mental Health in Organizations

Assist Organizations in understanding common well-being & mental health issues in the workplace, and provide strategies and resources to support those Individuals or Organizations (public or private) who may be experiencing a disturbance condition.

The purpose of the Wellness and Mental Health Consulting Department for Companies is to contribute to the prevention of mental illness advice on healthy mental and emotional habits, attitudes, and behaviors in the workplace.

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We work for the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses and the promotion of well-being within organizations. 

We are committed to improving the lives of people who may or have been affected by malaise or mental illness, through the introduction of better management of behavioral or procedural leadership, the introduction of clinical management, and sustainable solutions to organizational health. 

Our approach combines science with research, organizational psychoeducation, and the vivid voice of Human Mind professionals with recognized experience throughout their professional lives: 

  • Joana Folgado, 
  • Michael Cassiers,
  • Fernanda Barata.

Our contribution is to reduce the incidence of mental illness, removing stigmas, and improving the lives of people who work at the company where maybe important to do this kind of intervention.

We work with organizations to design and develop mental health policies. 

We use training as a form of training for collective resources and individualized assistance in Organizational Psychotherapy to support high-performance employees, managers, and leaders.

In this time of crisis, Companies do have some responsibility when it comes to the well-being & mental health of their people.

Leaders have to acknowledge the importance of supportive conventions to change mentalities and improve their staff well-being.