Psychological Support in Chronic or Progressive Disease 

Pain is a subjective event that relieves or aggravates according to the patient emotional state. 

Learn how it is possible to palliate in the psychological domain in casa of prolonged, chronic, progressive or terminal illness.

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Psychological Care in a disease situation is fundamental to support the patient. Losing autonomy, decision-making capability, functionality, and often self-esteem leads to a patient's dismal state that is difficult to recover from. 

With the help of psycho-oncology and psychology in general, it is possible to help the patient to withdraw from his internal resources the resilience to face the day to day of the illness.


In general, these appointments take place at home but can be held at the institution where the patient is located, with the patient's consent. 

All family members of the patient can be involved as long as this is helpful for the progress of their emotional state.  

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Values ​​depend on the therapeutic needs, which are evaluated during the first appointment. They can be changed according to patient social and family circumstances, however, base values ​​are 50 € / appointment (outpatient office) or 60 € (home care). In case of home care appointmens booked outside Greater Lisbon, to referred values should be added the value of kms (at the current legal rate).

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