Mental Well-being

Psychological Support in Palliative Care 

Pain is a subjective phenomenon that relieves or worsens according to the patient's emotional state. It is possible to palliate psychologically in situations of prolonged, chronic, progressive, or terminal illness and this relief leads the patient to a state of pacification.

It is also useful, depending on the age of the person, to do Dignity Therapy. 

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Psychological care in a situation of an incurable disease is fundamental as a support to the patient and his/her family.

Losing sight of autonomy, decision-making capacity, functionality, and, often, self-esteem, leads to a state of discouragement that is difficult to recover from.

It is possible to help the patient to restore from his/her internal resources the resilience to face day-to-day illness.

In general, these consultations take place at home, but they can also take place in the patient's institution if the patient's consent.

All the patient's relatives can be involved, as long as this is useful for the progress of the patient's emotional state.

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