Mental Well-being

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Center and Support Room for Children with Learning Disabilities 

A place where your child or young person with special needs can be safe, while we work together on the main topics related to their cognitive and emotional development, with the aim of functional and autonomous persons. 

The neurodevelopment of the child is defined as the set of skills through which the child interacts with its environment, in a dynamic perspective, according to its age, maturation level, intrinsic biological factors, and environmental stimuli.

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We support children and young people with neurodevelopmental pathologies, especially with genetic and metabolic syndromes, but also with cognitive impairment, autism, unspecified developmental disorders, rare diseases, changes in behavior and/or learning difficulties, among others. 

Neurodevelopment areas include: motor skills; language; behavior and social adaptation, neurocognitive training, and each of these areas has several methodologies, for which different professionals can be called upon to intervene. 

All children / young people are evaluated before admission to see if we have support conditions that fit their parents' expectations or clinical goals. In addition, personalized follow-up attempts are established.

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