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Home Care for Dependents due to Illness or Physical Disability 

Health Support and simplified assistance in activities of daily living (hygiene, food, and company care). 

Goal: make life less painful for those who are very old or dependent. 

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  • Occupational Therapy for babies, young people, adults, and elderly, during a period of illness, recovery, or aging, due to medical conditions or accidents 
  • Monitoring and evaluations in Gerontology and medical or psychological evaluations during aging 
  • Support from 2 hours daily to 24/24 hours
  • Connection with social assistance networks
  • Sale or rental of life support equipment or technical equipment 
  • Family conflict resolution and legal advice 
  • Support in hygiene, food, and medication, in order to keep life ordered
  • Accompanying the family to visit friends or medical consultations 
  • Conversation or support in reading, music, or play activities that the person selects, for their pleasure
  • Occupational activity walks, walking, and other outdoor activities. 

You can make your appointment here. Just fill out the form.

You can make your appointment here. Just fill out the form.