Gerontology & Elderly and All Ages Dependent Home Care  

I suggest a service consisting on a specialized support in the areas of health support and simplified assistance in daily life activities (hygiene, food and companionship). 

Making the life of an old or dependent person less painful can be quite simple for everyone involved. It is possible to minimize pain and the degree of stress. 

It is possible to minimize pain and stress at home.

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Together with 

All Day Care & Med4You

we suggest the following assistance: 

  • Occupational Therapy for babies, young people and adults, during hillness, medical conditions or accidents
  • Geriatrics assessments and evalutions on medical or psychological conditions 
  • support from 2 hours daily up to 24/24 hours 
  • support in contact with social welfare networks 
  • sale or rental of life support equipment or technical equipment 
  • family dispute resolution and legal advice 
  • support in hygiene, food and medication to keep life organized 
  • home, family, friends or doctor visits 
  • conversation or support in reading, music or recreational activities that the person selects, for personal pleasure 
  • company, pure and simple occupational activity 
  • walks, hikes and other outdoor activities

and much more. 

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