Mental Well-being                      

Occupational Therapy for Adults with Psychotic Disorders, Depression and Bipolar Disease 

Goal: to progressively bring patients closer to their daily activities and social relationships, as well as to increase their participation in productive, leisure, and self-care activities.

Occupational Therapy for adults with severe mental illness is aimed to improve patient's quality of life, helping them to choose, organize, and conduct daily activities.

Also, it enables people to get involved in the roles, tasks, and activities that have a positive meaning in the patients' daily lives and that helps to define their lives. 

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Some goals are as follows:

  • improve well-being, social function and decrease symptoms,
  • improve decision making and problem-solving,
  • improve patients' perception and health through adaptive life skills learning,
  • experiencing various situations that could be transferred from the therapeutic context to external activities
  • social (re) insertion
  • promote the participation of people with severe mental illness in the labor market.

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