Pediatric NeuroBioVitality

Neuro-Bio-Vitality is a Neuromotor and Cognitive Intervention that aims the working of all brain functions according to the age and need of the child with neurodevelopmental problems. 

The result: When I set brain plasticity in motion, the whole set of the child responds in tune.   

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With this gentle approach, I focus on your child's skills and competences, not their limitations. 

This often leads to spontaneous and natural discoveries, extraordinary advances in movement, balance, motor regulation, connection and relationship with others. 

If diagnosis is: 

  • stroke
  • cerebral palsy 
  • neurodevelopmental disorder 
  • rare disease 
  • metabolic disease 
  • genetic disorder, such as autism, down syndrome, x-Fragil, 
  • or other, 

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What is neuro-bio-vitality?

It is a brand I built under which I work with motor and cognitive intervention with children and adolescents (also with adults and senior people). 

Neuro-bio-vitality uses the power of brain plasticity to regenerate functions or connections that are damaged or not being used to their fullest, to achieve previously unimagined potential. 

It allows you to understand your child's experience from yourself and helps you acquire new ways to interact with your child and the world, which will promote learning. 

It will also improve your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in the process.

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Values ​​depend on the therapeutic needs, which are evaluated during the first appointment. Appointments value can be reduced according to patient social and family circumstances, however, base values ​​are 50€ appointment (outpatient office) or 60 € (home care).

In case of home care appointmens booked outside Greater Lisbon, to referred values should be added the value of kms (at the current legal rate), from the office to the place where patient meets and vice versa.

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