Mental Well-being  

Neurodevelopment, Pediatric Neuropsychology, and Neurobiovitality 

Consulting the Neurodevelopment field is essential to find out what bio-neuro-physiological needs your child needs to be supported, within the family and the school. 

Additionally, your child may need a Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment. 

And you will need to build Stimulation & Rehabilitation Plans suitable for her and her alone. Here, Neurobiovitality plays a fundamental role.

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What are the conditions under which you must make an appointment? 

  • Rare Syndromes        
  • Metabolic Diseases        
  • Oncological Diseases      
  • Genetic Syndromes        
  • Brain Tumors       
  • Cranioencephalic Injuries     
  • Epilepsy       
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder      
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders     
  • Attention Deficit Disorder       
  • Intellectual Development Disorders        
  • Specific Learning Disorders           
  • Motor Development Disorders        
  • Language Disorders        
  • Attention Deficit Disorder          
  • Hyperactivity Disorder          
  • Unspecified Behavior Disorders

What does neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental intervention do? 

Assessment of functions that may be affected by brain damage, developmental disorders, and neuronal maturation, or due to neurochemical and functional imbalances: attention, memory, oral and written language, constructive activity, visuospatial skills, reasoning, planning and control emotions, and behaviors.


Neuro-Bio-Vitality is a Neuromotor and Cognitive intervention designed to work all brain functions according to the age and needs of the child with problems in the area of ​​neurodevelopment. 

The result: when we put brain plasticity in motion, the child's whole set responds in tune.

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