Perinatal Psychology & Infertility 

Perinatal psychology deals with mothers, fathers and new-born babies mental health. We work together from infertility, conception, during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

Generally speaking, perinatal psychology is dedicated to early detection of less healthy signs to prevent difficulties at these stages of life.

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What kind of support can you get fron Perinatal Psychology?

Psychological support, at home or outpatient care. 

Indication for woman or couple during the following phases: 

  • mediated assisted reproduction, 
  • natural conception, 
  • pregnancy, 
  • childbirth, 
  • post childbirt 
  • home transition and 
  • baby early life with family (ie: babysitting).

Some of the main topics covered: 

- infertility 

- depression and anxiety during pregnancy 

- fear of childbirth 

- traumatic deliveries 

- breastfeeding problems 

- adaptation to maternity or paternity 

- bond with baby / secure attachment 

- surviving sexual abuse situations 

- surviving in the case of domestic violence situations.

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Values ​​depend on the therapeutic needs, which are evaluated during the first appointment. Appointments value can be reduced according to patient social and family circumstances, however, base values ​​are 50€ appointment (outpatient office) or 60€ (home care).

In case of home care appointmens booked outside Greater Lisbon, to referred values should be added the value of kms (at the current legal rate), from the office to the place where patient meets and vice versa.  

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