Couple Psychotherapy  

Moments of conversation based on scientific techniques that promote the finding of solutions. 

Suitable for couple relationships and parenting processes, or situations of separation, divorce, conflict or just in a phase of relational life that implies reflection on issues that both are unable to accomplish. 

Also suitable for polyamorous relationships, open relationship situations or other relational configurations.

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For most couples, it's difficult to make the decision to try counseling. 

It's not easy to acknowledge that things aren't as perfect as we'd like them to be in a relationship that started out with high hopes and great expectations or fantasies. 

It takes courage to acknowledge that everything we have tried at home hasn't been enough to achieve the results we're looking for. 

Science has found that the longer couples wait before seeking counseling, the harder it becomes to turn around unhelpful habits and resolve hurt and resentment. 

When relationship problems persist for three months or longer, even a brief consultation with a couple counselor can be helpful in setting the partnership on a better course.   

Helping couples at any stage of their relationship create pathways toward greater understanding and connection.  

You may have heard that a couple therapy can help, save, or solve a situation or phase in your life. 

This is completely true. 

It is worth insisting that you come to work on a psychotherapeutic process where you can have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

In addition, if there are conflicts, disputes, separation or divorce, you can be supported by various aspects: legal, psychological and support for children at many levels. 

And who knows if there are unexpected solutions? 

Professional environment, with all confidentiality.

Knowledge and experience make real all transformations in relationships. 

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Values ​​depend on the therapeutic needs, which are evaluated during the first appointment. Appointments value can be reduced according to patient social and family circumstances, however, base values ​​are 60€ appointment (outpatient office) or 70 € (home care).

In case of home care appointmens booked outside Greater Lisbon, to referred values should be added the value of kms (at the current legal rate), from the office to the place where patient meets and vice versa.

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