Clinic Hypnotherapy: is it for you?

I use Hypnotherapy only to follow clinical cases in Psychotherapy and through the application of exercises that provoke a deep serenity and a modified state of consciousness. 

The purpose is to help the patient recover from trauma or inner conflicts that cannot be resolved on his own. 

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Some benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy:

  • relief and control of physical and chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, headache, phantom pain after limb amputation and chronic musculoskeletal pain,
  • control and relief of emotional pain,
  • overcoming fears and phobias,
  • treatment of anxiety and panic disorders,
  • improved ability to concentrate,
  • treatment of additions (eg: tobacco, alcohol, gambling...),
  • treatment of obesity and control of eating disorders,
  • treatment of sleep disorders,
  • overcoming trauma,
  • treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder,
  • treatment of sexual disorders.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

In the state of deep relaxation induced by hypnotherapy, it is possible to help to master the states of consciousness of the patient concerned. The person proceeds to act on his own and in his own bodily functions and psychological responses to situations that become distressing in waking situation. 

Thousands of clinical studies show evidence that hypnotherapy can be used on a variety of problems, help improve immune function, increase relaxation, decrease stress, and relieve pain and feelings of anxiety in a variety of situations (see below). 

Hypnotherapy teaches the ability to self regulate. For example, someone with fibromyalgia learns to turn down the "volume" of pain, just like the turning down the volume of their own voice or television. 

Another person who is suddenly afraid to drive learns to understand this fear that he considers unreasonable but cannot overcome. 

Or another person with bulimia learns to eat healthily. 

Hypnotherpay is about increasing self-control over your life, your thoughts and a sense of belonging to a safer world. 

This world? ... In fact, this world is within you.

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