Psychotherapy for Health Care Professionals 

Because there are such difficult times that it seems impossible I created this specific mental care for healthcare professionals who need to follow up and reflect on their problems in their professional domain. 

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Given my experience working with health professionals from various specialties, I realized how much pressure these people are subjected to. 

On the other hand, it is known that health professional burnout is a recurring problem in the exercise of their profession. This is due to the structural difficulties we currently face, as well as the specificity of the task of daily dealing with the suffering of others. 

So it made sense to create a specific service, focusing on their professional and existential concerns. 

Stress-triggering elements deplete physical and mental resources and lead to exhaustion, to emotional and biological problems. Harmful behaviors are one of the possible mechanisms, linking burnout to physical health problems and no longer just psychological. Avoid reaching this level of burnout, from which your suffering can be so intense that nothing will prevent a break in your working life.

Who has indication to this Therapy?

This therapy is suitable for all people who have started their professional lives within the health system, private or public, in any branch or specialty. 

If you are a student of Medicine, Nursing or any other field of Health, this Therapy is also right for you. 

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Values ​​depend on the therapeutic needs, which are evaluated during the first appointment. Appointments value can be reduced according to patient social and family circumstances, however, base values ​​are 50€ appointment (outpatient office) or 60€ (home care).

In case of home care appointmens booked outside Greater Lisbon, to referred values should be added the value of kms (at the current legal rate), from the office to the place where patient meets and vice versa.

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