Mental Well-being

Cognitive Therapy in Dementia, Neurological or Vascular Diseases Rehabilitation

Treatments that include, within a holistic conception, all scientifically approved therapies. They can be included, when necessary and useful, not only patients but also their caregivers and family members.

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Objectives for Patients: 

  • Rehabilitation of impaired cognitive and psychomotor functions, 
  • Health promotion and psycho-education, 
  • Stimulation of uncommitted areas, 
  • Stimulation of activities of daily living, self-care and reducing dependence, 
  • Social integration, 
  • Reality orientation, 
  • Arouse interest in varied values, 
  • Preservation of identity, 
  • Stimulation of affectivity and reduction of relational stress, 
  • Free time occupation with topics of interest to the patient.

Objectives for Caregivers and Family Members: 

  • clarification about the disease, 
  • catharsis, 
  • practical resolutions for addiction issues, 
  • solutions for everyday stress, 
  • psychological preparation for issues related to the worsening of the patient's condition, 
  • Anticipatory mourning. 

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