7 TOP concerns of parents with young children


In this new decade of the 21st century, society recognizes serious concerns about issues that our teenagers need to deal with.

Some problems have always existed, but now they are entering our lives in such a way that many parents come to me asking for help to find solutions that before seemed to be seen by everyone. Other issues are new trends as society begins to adapt to a faster pace of life. Below are the top 7 problems facing our youth today.

Share your concerns with me! In your opinion, what are the main problems that young people face today? 

Alcohol and drug abuse

These two behaviors, although very associated, do not always go hand in hand. However, we know today that young people start to consume alcohol much earlier than 30 years ago and that it is common for a 14-year-old to consume soft drugs in public places, such as outside the school or at the bar, with friends. These two addictions are broadcast in the media in a very natural way.

If, on the one hand, the profoundly harmful effects of soft drugs begin to be demystified, with alcohol is not the same. Despite the prohibition on selling alcoholic beverages to people under 18, stories of young people with excessive consumption flood our days.

It is important to talk to your children about these two consumptions. A light and simple conversation can be an open door to their doubts about the subject. Talk. Talk a lot. Explain as much and as deeply as you can.

Violence in schools

As we all know, schools play an important role in building a young person's personality. This endeavor - perhaps the most difficult for parents - is often the main source of their concerns. That is why it is important schools are safe places where young people feel protected and raised to human beings type of the utmost status and dignity. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Schools can be a war zone, not only because of bullying but also because of acts of vandalism and serious violence that teenagers often must live with almost daily.

If your child reports situations like this, do not hesitate to contact the school services. Support, protect and spend time with your child to study the situation.

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Childhood obesity results from a failure of the body's self-regulatory system to modulate environmental influences in relation to individual genetic inclinations.

Scientific data published in various media and in scientific articles, indicate that obesity in children and young people is, in Portugal as in Europe, a matter of concern.

An excess of hours spent with video games, television and internet and, also, the consumption of fast food, are the factors partially responsible, that is, this sedentary lifestyle has consequences.

In terms of mental health, overweight children and young people show low self-esteem, depression, and a lack of motivation for school or academic studies. Then there are those problems in biological health: high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases associated with obesity, namely, an unbalanced energy balance over time, which influences school performance.

However, this problem has a solution when it is solved with the intervention of all family members, working on a simple increase in activity and awareness.

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Faster growth

Do you remember when you were a child? Perhaps you thought "I would like being a child much longer". Yes, there was a time when children liked to be children.

Today, even at an early age, young people express a desire to be "big" and to participate in adult activities very often. They started to lose their taste for their infantile and youthful Self, partly because parents and educators live with children too many concerns. This creates the desire to be an adult and take young children to a level of expectation of survival in the face of problems. 

Helping children and adolescents to participate in activities appropriate to their age and promoting a climate of confidence in the present are two good solutions. 

Dependence on video games, social networks and net

We live today with the profile of a generation of adolescents who are almost permanently connected to the virtual world. Through computers or mobile devices, they spend much of their time on the Internet. Excessive time in many cases. In more extreme cases, online addiction results in prolonged isolation, violent behavior, depression, sleep disturbances and compelling treatment.

From an early age, children should have rules regarding the use, time and usefulness of social networks and the internet in general.

Preventing these tools from taking too much time in their lives is essential for them to be interested in other activities. It is good to enroll children in age-appropriate groups and associations according to their personal interests to help in gaining the pleasure of true and colorful interpersonal relationships. 

Sleep disorders

Recent studies show that around 30% of 15-19 years old have a sleep debt and with 15 years old, 25% sleep less than 7 hours a night when they should sleep an average of 9:30. This deficit in night rest, which is so important for the well-being of physical and psychological balance is often related to the abusive and chronic use of new technologies.

Help your children develop healthy sleep habits. Remember: healthy routines will be the best medicine for them to face difficulties in adulthood. Good routines and good habits result in reinforced health.

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Sexuality & Gender Identity

In families where the topic of "sexuality" is discussed more openly is where there is more confidence for parents and fewer swirls of temptations and questions for children. Both parents and children are better informed and more rested.

In addition, it helps young people to discuss issues such as sexual identity and contraceptive means, with all the advantages that this entails.

On the other hand, the fact they have fewer questions helps them to start their sex life later and to know the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.