Quarantine?... What to do to entertain your children?


What to do to entertain children during quarantine?

If you are quarantined with your children during this pandemic phase, here are some suggestions to entertain your children. Prevent them from spending all the time on tablets and mobile phones. Let's use creativity, imagination, and have a good time playing!

All the suggestions mentioned here can be easily found in supermarkets, toy stores and some can be made at home with the materials you have. They are simple and inexpensive solutions.

Sticker books: 

with lots of themes, you'll quickly find some that can fill your children's imagination. You can follow the instructions in the books or choose to create drawings that together will paint with pencils or felt-tip pens and then complement with stickers. You can also decorate school books or make a cookbook that they later decorate with stickers.

Plasticines: even if you are not a fan of this subject, desperate times demand drastic measures. Plasticines are fabulous entertainment, especially under parental supervision. Have you ever imagined the number of things you can invent together? From cooking, animals, playing about supermarkets, mechanics, and hairdressers... anything goes! Abuse of creativity. Decorate the furniture with the new art your children create. They are beautiful pieces!

Puzzles: they are great distractions. Since the age of 4, puzzles have the advantage of help children being focused. You have all sizes and with lots of themes.

Games: if your creativity fails, here are some ideas beyond the traditional games: creating a clock with real numbers, a letter salad or the skeleton of the human body ... And why not make a game of your own with your own rules? See below some suggestions:

Watercolors: the cutest wins a prize!

(First, you have to create a podium and a symbolic prize).

And then ... just get down to work. Create themes, make your storybooks, draw roads into the house with sheets of paper and footprints, from the front door to the bedrooms, decorate windows and walls, paint hand washing signs on doors, make postcards to put in neighbors' mailboxes. Say: we're here and we're having fun!

Science labs: for teenagers, there are fabulous science labs that help them to be entertained for a long time to discover things they had not thought of before. If your children enjoy these activities, help them to do truly scientific experiments with rice, beans, soil and other materials from Nature. Take photos, make video reports and then use those reports to spread the word on social networks how you had fun at this stage!

Masks: Carnival is over, but ... at this stage anything goes. Take advantage of the sales and go to a mask store. Buy two or 3 models, or use what you have at home, and dress up everyone! Have gala dinners, clowns, circuses or firefighters. Don't forget to take pictures! 

Cooking: you could not miss one of the children's favorite activities, go to the kitchen and help parents and grandparents to make cakes, crepes, pancakes, cookies, mousses, or even lunch or dinner. Let them get dirty, then clean ... Improvise chef's aprons and hats, make cooking lists, and have fun with real pots and pans. They will love to be creative! 

Numerical calculations or language exercises: if children are small and are in the 1st cycle, it is very useful to help maintain learning. Without causing stress, you can buy books with dolls that free parents from thinking that children have a problem with the absence from school and forgetting the learning that they suddenly interrupted.

For the older children, deciding that they will spend two or three hours a day studying together with parents, can also be a fantastic rule.

Quarantine is not a vacation ... and helping them take responsibility during this time helps them to be involved with the goals purposed.

Children's art materials: perhaps the right time has come to create space in your children's room and invent a stock of creative materials. Pens, pencils, books, plasticines, decorative items (such as beads, beads, surprise boxes of artifacts, watercolors, felt-tip pens, pencils, watercolors and paints, papers of various colors and shapes, cloths and felts ...), can be stored in colorful containers that they can make at home, painting cardboard boxes or glasses and bottles. Creating this space and helping your children to keep it tidy, takes time, requires patience and entertains everyone at home!