Bring your life to heal 


(com base nas palavras de Merci Medici)  

"I want you to be excited to look at yourself, and to love yourself as you are.

May you have enough self-love to fight many battles and the humility to know there are battles that cannot be won and others that are not worth fighting for.

I wish you can accept that there are realities that cannot be changed, and there are others - if you escape the place of complaint - that may change.

Do not allow the "I can't" and recognize the "I don't want".

I wish you to hear your truth, and to say it with full awareness that it is only your truth, not that of the other.

Expose yourself to what you fear, because it is the only way to overcome fear.

I wish you can learn to tolerate the other's "dark points," for each of us has their own: understanding this impels the possibility of claiming our superiority over others. Do not be condemned for making mistakes because no one is all powerful. May you grow, wherever and whenever you wants.

I don't want 2020 to bring you happiness. I want you to be happy, whatever reality you need to live.

May happiness be the way, not the final purpose."

Bring your life to heal.