How to Help Elderly and Dependents in Isolation?


Isolation of the elderly and people with some degree of dependence is extremely important in this phase that we are going through. How to proceed? 

Here are some suggestions: 

- provide the elderly and dependents with a daily conversation with their relatives and friends, by all means available (if possible, through video calling); this will help to lower anxiety levels; 

- to avoid fear, try to prevent the elderly from watching television programs that broadcast simultaneous news about the pandemic; 

- distract them with fun programs; 

- always have a calm and non-alarmist speech; 

- help elderly and dependent to wash their hands frequently; explain why this is necessary in simple words, without alarms;

- it is essential to keep routines as close as possible to the usual ones, within special conditions imposed by OMS and health organizations of each country;

- talk to your elderly and try to explain in simple words that there is a stronger flu in circulation, therefore all visits will have to be restricted;

- if you have an elderly person living alone, make a list of grocery items he /she likes, including medication, hygiene means such as diapers and wipes, food supplements and usual medication for 2 months (don't forget antipyretics and vitamins). Purchase these goods, leave everything at your doorstep and ask to leave the money in exactly the same way, without physical contact. 

- don't forget to wear gloves and a mask in these interactions;  

- check if he / she has bills to pay (water, electricity, etc.), thus helping to maintain the normal life of these most fragile people.

If you are a caregiver, protect yourself; doing so will protect those you care for. 

- during conversations, do not contradict; validate the elderly person's statements (this is particularly important in the case of dementias); 

- if you have free space, take the elderly for a walk, sunbathe and to watch the sky, take a short distracting walk around the space surrounding the house; 

- help the elderly and dependents to spend creative time: there are lots of games suitable for each age and mental condition.

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