Mental Health Inclusive and with Dignity


From September 2020, Humana Mente launches the concept of Dignity and Inclusion in Mental Health

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"Dignity" and "Inclusion" are words that have a number of meanings, none of them precise. However we all recognize dignity and inclusion when we see it, and more importantly, we recognize the lack of it when it's absent.

 From September 2020, I intend to highlight the ways in which dignity and inclusion can be provided in all aspects of mental health, ranging from care for our patients/clients to the attitudes of the public. I hope that everyone will support me and take this issue through conversations, activities and in all possible ways, at home, in companies and workplaces, among family and friends. 


It is urgent to inform the general population about the importance of dignity and inclusion in mental health. Too often people with mental disorders and their families find dignity absent in their dealings with health care providers and with society at large. And exclusion is a fact we all can not deny. 

Sometimes, families feel humiliated by the way they are treated. "Health care professionals do not have the time needed to address difficult problems", like social ones; however - as we all understand - social difficulties are so often linked with mental disorders. "Budget problems at the national level impact health and social care budgets at the local level, making coordinated care difficult to achieve. People with mental disorders frequently do not get organized care for other illnesses that may be present, resulting in neglect of their overall health-and ultimately, shortened lifespans".

Incorporating 'dignity' and 'inclusion' in Mental Health: a taks for all of us

Having said the above I should also underline that a somewhat broader conception of dignity and inclusion should include reciprocal respect between providers and recipients of care. Incorporating dignity into an approach to mental health issues is fundamental to dealing with stigma and discrimination. "There is nothing dignified about subjecting people with any illness to stigma or exclusion, adding to the problems they already cope with through the illness itself. We need to work harder towards changing social attitudes and spreading public awareness of the nature of mental illness.

How to access the social values ​​of the Set 2020 Price List?

As of September 2020, a new Price List is available. To provide equitable social access to individuals and families in need of support in Mental Health, an analysis of the socioeconomic background of each case will be made, with reductions that can vary between 20 and 50% in prices (see price list and convenctions). Interested parties should send mail to, requesting support. 

With this philosophy and strategy, I am truly incorporating Dignity and Inclusion in Mental Health, ensuring that I do not leave anyone behind, supporting all people and families with equal professionalism, regardless of their economic condition or social, ethnic or religious origin, up to the limit of my skills and habilities. 

In addition, as of this date, Terms and Conditions for care access are implemented, which must be respected at the beginning of each treatment, process and therapy. 

Over the years, I have been achieving improvements in Human Mind, both in its social and technical sense. Now, with a new and more graceful perspective, my hope is to embrace a new paradigm and welcome everyone with my knowledge, compassion and consideration that all individual are worthy. 

Fernanda Mendes Barata 

Founder of Mental Health - Human Mind

Source: World Federetion for Mental Health